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About Rocky Mountain Production

Here at Rocky Mountain Production, we create characters that will be the face of your organization, and make sure to bring enjoyment to everyone. We get all different kind of ideas, from sports teams to foundations. We specialize in all different types of events, whether you need a mascot for a team, a costume for a theater group, or you want to do some cosplay, .etc., we can help you.

Owner and founder of Rocky Mountain Production, Jon Absey, is one of the best mascots to ever do it. Jon Absey, known affectionately as "Bear," was the beloved mascot of the Utah Jazz, the NBA team based in Salt Lake City. Jon was the jazz Bear for 25 years and knows exactly what it means to be a great and iconic mascot.

We have a full step by step process that makes sure that every mascot comes out to your vison. We strive to give every mascot we do a personality even without someone inside. We figure out the designs, and put together ways to be the most functional, comfortable for the wearer, and look just the way you want it. We want your mascot to be remembered and kids can be fans of.

Aside from just creating the mascots, we also do entertainment and foundations that will help with the community. One of the biggest events that we do every year is the Mascot Bowl, where we get some of the most famous mascots together and play a charity game with a high school football team.

Jon Absey, aka Bear, is one of the most well known mascots as his time as the Jazz Bears. He understands that imagination and creativity are some of the most important things in life, and our mission is to bring that out in the mascots that we create. So bring your imaginative ideas to us so we can create the iconic character that you are dreaming of.





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